Click-On safety

Safety bonus

Thanks to the installed non-return valve, it is impossible for uncontrolled gas to leak out, even when the cylinder valve is open. In the cylinder valve, there is a filter which collects any dirt in the cylinder body so that there is no resulting fault in the motor.

Swap gas cylinders more quickly and easily! You can save time immediately for every cylinder swap - approx. 3 minutes. You don’t require any tools to swap the cylinders. Just like the cylinder valve, the adapter also has a non-return valve so that no gas can escape while you are changing cylinders.

Click-On time

During daily use, changing LPG cylinders should be as efficient and safe as possible. Forklift drivers are experts at parking and manoeuvring, but time-consuming cylinder changes are a disruption and prevent smooth operations. With the new click-on system, you aren’t just saving valuable minutes, but making a complete work process easier.

Click-On handling

And why? Because it’s now so simple. The click-on principle won’t just save you time. We have put some thought into its shape design and user-friendliness. You will see that the new click-on cylinders don’t just look attractive, but can also be used particularly easily. In this way, it’s not just quick, but a real piece of cake.

Technical data

Filling 11 kg capacity (approx.)

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