Correct heating with TEGA

Is it getting noticeably colder? Then it’s high time for your heating and energy check-up! There are a few things to pay attention to in order to reduce costs and significantly increase the homey feeling of well-being.
The following information and tips help to turn your home into a pleasantly warm and cosy place even in the cold season.

  • Regularly: Bleed the heating – check the water pressure
  • Save up to 30% at night: automatic decrease at night or thermostat installed
  • Nice and warm in the evening: Avoid room cooling during the day
  • Ice-cold walls: warm walls radiate more heat!
  • Radiators: work well when they are uncovered
  • Holiday: Turn the heating down or off – it pays off!

Between an ice palace and a furnace – how to find the right temperature

The body temperature drops overnight and we naturally need a warm environment in the morning, like a preheated bathroom, for example. Unfortunately, because of airing after a shower, the energy in a bathroom regulated to 24 degrees is quickly lost again. It is a matter of finding the balance between feeling comfortable and energy management. We give you a quick overview.

  • Comfortable temperature: individually perceived as pleasant
  • Living room: Values around 20 degrees are sufficient
  • Bathroom: Always keep temperatures low
  • Bedroom: deeper sleep is possible at values of less than 18 degrees
  • Young children: Young children’s bedrooms should not cool to below 16 degrees!
  • 6% energy saving: Every degree lower counts
  • Clever: wear thick clothes in winter and save energy!

Gone with the wind – windows open or closed?

Gone with the wind – windows open or closed?
There are people who sleep with the window open and those who always keep it closed. It doesn’t need to degenerate into an argument, but there are a few cases in which a tilted window saves energy or energy is literally thrown out the window.

  • €300 in costs (per season): owing to constantly tilted windows
  • Hygrometer: Overview of the prevailing humidity at home
  • Humidity of greater than 65% should be avoided
  • Humidity of less than 35% is too low and therefore unhealthy
  • Frequent airing: with increased perspiration (sport, cooking, smoking)
  • How to air: Open the windows fully for a short period of time (switch off the heating)

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