Nothing works without gas when you go camping. If you want to cook in a caravan, you need at least one gas cylinder. It can be attached to a gas cylinder connector. Gas outlets and gas hoses offer flexibility for fittings.

With LPG, it’s also possible to heat your caravan and get hot water when it’s colder. Absorber fridges can also be run using gas.

The big benefits of LPG in cylinders are that they are easy to transport, they are lightweight and save space, they provide clean combustion and are highly available at campsites. The 11 kg aluminium gas cylinder is particularly popular due to its low weight.

There are various sizes of gas cylinders which are intended for specific purposes. The 11 kg cylinder is perfectly suited for caravans or camper vans. The 5 kg or 8 kg gas cylinder is ideal for a gas barbecue or camping for a few days, even if there isn’t enough room for an 11 kg cylinder.

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