Driving with autogas

Driving with LPG Autogas – these are the benefits

Autogas fuel is LPG.

This energy source is used in many other fields, as a fuel for modern heating systems or as an energy source with many applications in business, industry and leisure for example, and not just in cars.

As an alternative fuel, LPG offers a whole range of benefits in comparison with conventional fuels such as petrol or diesel:

  • Fuel costs can be reduced with LPG Autogas in comparison with petrol or diesel.
  • Thanks to the low fuel costs, investing in an LPG Autogas vehicle from the factory or converting a petrol vehicle pays off, particularly for frequent drivers.
  • Petrol engines can be converted for operation with LPG Autogas.
  • LPG Autogas burns significantly more cleanly than petrol and is easier on the engine.

The fuel quality is standardised across Europe: in Germany, this standard is also enshrined in law. This means that LPG Autogas drivers can count on consistently high quality.

LPG Autogas reduces CO2 emissions: by 21 percent in comparison with petrol and by a full 23 percent in comparison with diesel.

LPG Autogas improves air quality in large cities and metropolitan areas in particular because practically no particulate matter or nitrogen oxides are produced during combustion in the vehicle’s engine.

The LPG Autogas petrol station network is well developed: Around 7,100 petrol stations in Germany have LPG Autogas. Across Europe, there are more than 30,000 petrol stations which offer LPG Autogas.

LPG Autogas has a higher energy density in comparison with other alternative fuels – in simple terms, you can fit more kilometres in the tank with LPG Autogas. LPG Autogas vehicles generally offer a range of at least 400 kilometres on a full tank.

LPG Autogas vehicles satisfy high quality and safety requirements. LPG is already liquid at a low pressure of around 8 bar and the engine components are subject to strict testing. LPG Autogas vehicles are therefore just as safe as vehicles with conventional engines.

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